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Viviana Ferrer. Her curiosity to understand the human body in all its layers, brought her to study Chinese Traditional Medicine and the Daoist practices, which give her a very precious knowledge about the energetic body and how to harmonize it. Viviana’s teachings consist of a synthesis derived from her own integration and understanding of the various systems in which she has delved: Hatha yoga, Classical Yoga, Vedanta, Buddhism, Tantra & Daoism. In addition, she has been also studying classical Indian dance and music, so the work on sound, mantras and mudras also acquires relevance in some of her classes and workshops.


Eva Oller is firmly convinced that yoga is the most complete exercise to keep the body and mind in the best condition of health and wellbeing, and thus to be able to receive and interact directly with the forces of life. Based in Formentera, Eva travels all over the world organizing trainings, retreats, workshops, events and group or face-to-face classes. Eva’s sessions are challenging, creative, inspiring sessions that inspire the connection between body, mind and spirit. And also are geared towards empowering a deeper understanding of the practice at its most healing.


Surinder Singh teaches hatha yoga– a combination of yogasana, pranayama and meditation– in the atmosphere of cordiality and support. It is this atmosphere and energy, and its-vastly positive effect on practice that the master’s students notice and come back for, year after year. Being a mechanical engineer by education, Surinder integrates principles of mechanical physics into his teaching practice thus turning them into bio mechanics of asana alignment and adjustment as well as of yoga practice as a whole. Today, Surinder Singh is the most popular yoga teacher in the world’s capital of yoga. Thousands of yoga practitioners from all over the world call Surinder Ji their main teacher.


Rochelle is originally from Brazil but lives in Barcelona. Her first contact with yoga took place in 2005, and since 2014 she has been teaching yoga. For the last few years she has been a regular student of Usha Devi’s classes in Rishikesh from whom she learns about the Iyengar lineage. Her sessions are based on the Iyengar method, intense although they glide through the gentleness, and working on the intelligence of the body and mind through the asanas. She takes time in the practices to remain in each posture so that each student can experience and understand it.


Rekha is a performer/choreographer, teacher and researcher in classical Odissi dance from the state of Odisha in Eastern India. Her artistic explorations in the last ten years have centered on using Odissi as a means for the transformation of consciousness, through classical dance movements, yoga and tantric rituals. Her proposal is a practical introduction to the tantric body-map through Indian classical Odissi dance. It is an opportunity to understand the dynamics of the lyrical dance movements and use of sacred geometry, and experience how these provide a path to deepened self-awareness. It is useful to yoga practitioners and teachers, as well as performing artists, who want to incorporate mudras, mantras, ritual gestures and chants from the tantric tradition in their personal practices.


Vimal believes there is always a space for one to grow; provided, one remains a devout student throughout his/her life. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit, a Master’s degree in Philosophy, a Master’s degree in Yogic science, a Master’s degree in vedic astrology, the certification of four years of residency in Ashram programme (with 2006 class of “Swami Rama Institute of Meditation and Interfaith studies” at “Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama”- Ashram in Rishikesh). ERYT Yoga Alliance US. He is also a co-author of a book on Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali. The legacy of his training is so complete that his speeches become a crossroads between magic and subtlety.


Mireia Coma-Cros has been practising yoga since 1987. She is one of the few people specialized in yoga for people with cancer, chronic illnesses and vulnerable populations. Trained by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the Yoga Therapy in Cancer and Chronic Illness Program (San Francisco, USA) and the Breath-Body-Mind Program for trauma, Mireia will offer a practical session and several talks to understand how yoga can help us as a therapeutic discipline in these specific cases.


Enric Bou Hellín embarked on his path in yoga as a result of some knee and lumbar problems. He soon felt drawn to the world of inverted poses and the yoga practice, where he found his sanctuary of mental peace. Creating community and playing are what he is most passionate about, in addition to sharing his passion, a source of healing and a way of understanding life.


Claudia has a background in digital business and marketing. But she left it all to travel and discover that her true passion was to share the teachings of yoga. She defines her practice as a blend of the best of each discipline, seeking correct alignment in the postures, flowing with creativity, observing how body and mind come together. Claudia’s classes vary because, as she says, every day we are different and the energy changes too. So they can be influenced as much by Ashtanga or Rocket as by Yin Yoga.


Dr. Ratan Singh is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Acupuncturist and Yoga teacher with over 25 years of experience. He has been practicing in Germany and India.
On invitations of educational institutions, ayurveda/yoga festival and seminar organizers, he delivered lectures and offered short/advanced courses on various subjects of Ayurveda and Yoga in many places in the world. Currently he is running an Ayurveda and Yoga Centre at Gokarna in Karnataka, India. In this year’s The Yoga Gallery Menorca Festival Dr. Singh would offer some sessions focused on the role of ayurveda and yoga in keeping us healthy and happy, which includes theoretical and practical knowledge both. What is expected from participants? Please come to the session with an open mind and open heart. The rest you can leave to us.


Argentinian but based in Barcelona. Her style of Yoga is based on Rocket Vinyasa, her approach to the practice is playful yet profound and transformative. She enjoys sharing her experiences and helping others to achieve a deeper connection with themselves through her teachings. Nina is also a passionate Astrologer, and in recent years she’s been developing her own style of Yoga based on the cosmic influences.