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How to arrive?

How do I get to Mahón, Menorca?

You can arrive to Menorca via plane or boat. To reach mahon it is just a 10 minute taxi ride from the airport

Which airlines fly to Menorca?

To coincide with The Yoga Gallery Menorca Festival, the island will have a significant number of direct flights from different European and North African cities. Check your nearest airport. It is advisable to buy tickets in advance.
It is also possible to reach the island by sea. Check your nearest naval base. It is advisable to purchase tickets in advance.

How do I get to the location of the Yoga Gallery Menorca Festival?

On Thursday and Sunday the festival takes place in Es Claustre, in the centre of Maó. From the airport you can easily get there by bus or taxi. And from the port you can get there by taxi or on foot 🙂 .
On Friday and Saturday, the festival will take place on the island of Lazareto, a small island in front of the port of Maó. You will receive an email with information about the boat schedules for the return trip shortly.
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings there will be a show and/or concert in Es Claustre.

Is transport to Lazareto Island included in the ticket price?

Yes, transport to Lazareto Island is included in the ticket price for Friday 29 September and Saturday 30 September.

What if I am part of the Adopt a Yogi programme and have been adopted by a Menorcan family during the days of the Yoga Gallery Menorca, how do I get there?

In this case, we recommend that you try to make arrangements to be picked up on arrival, which will simplify the logistics of getting to the home where you will be staying during the festival.

Can I get in and off from the festival site at any time?

Yes, there is freedom of movement. It will be easier on Thursday 28th September and Sunday 1st October, as the activities will take place in Es Claustre and therefore mobility will be much easier than on the days when the activities will take place on Lazareto Island (Friday 29th September and Saturday 30th September). In this case, your mobility will depend on the boat schedules, which we will inform you about shortly.

What happens if I miss the last boat from Lazareto Island to Mahón?

In this case, please contact the organisation and we will organise your rescue 🙂 .

Is there a place to leave my personal belongings?

There will be places to leave your shoes. It is recommended that you bring a light bag or backpack to keep your personal belongings close to you.


What level of practice is required to take part in The Yoga Gallery Menorca Festival? Can I participate if I have only recently started practicing yoga?

The Yoga Gallery Menorca Festival activities are suitable for all levels. Of course you can participate even if you have only recently started practicing yoga; what better time to start than with this agenda of teachers!

Do I have to bring my mat?

No, you don’t. The organisation will lend you a mat and a block for the duration of the festival. However, you will need to bring any additional equipment that you feel will be useful for your practice, such as a belt or zafu.

What do I need to practice?

Comfortable clothes. We recommend that you bring some warm clothes to keep you warm after the sessions.

Do I need to bring a water bottle?

No, you don’t. The organisation guarantees a free water supply throughout the festival.

Are the classes indoors or outdoors?

On Thursday and Sunday, in Es Claustre, the classes will be outside. On Friday and Saturday in Lazareto the classes will be indoors.

If I don't want to do all the classes, will there be workshops or activities in between?

Of course you don’t have to do all the classes. You can make your own schedule. Combine it with workshops, talks or yogalabs. Or just walk, meditate or contemplate in one of the beautiful corners of Mahón or Lazareto Island.

What is The Loop Gallery?

The Loop Gallery is a continuous asana practice session of approximately 5 and a half hours with a change of teacher every 40 minutes. You can come and go at any time during the class, although it is recommended (and encouraged) that you come and go as the teacher changes. The mats are in place so there is no need to move them.

What is a Yoga Lab and what can I learn?

These are free, special 60-minute sessions to learn more about asana postures, pranayama, mantras, teacher techniques or the philosophy of yoga. The Yoga LAB will be held in small groups of no more than 12 people. The aim is to learn more directly and deeply with the teacher of your choice. It is essential that you reserve your place for the Yoga Lab.

In which language will the classes be held?

This depends on the audience attending each session. If it’s in a language you don’t understand, you can ask a member of the organisation to take you to the simultaneous translation area.


Is lunch included in the entry fee?

No. It is recommended that you have breakfast before attending the practices. Whether you are staying in a hotel, tourist accommodation or as part of the Adopt a Yogi programme.
For lunch there will be several options at affordable prices. It will be advisable to make advance reservations for these options, which will be announced shortly. These options will be available both in Es Claustre and on the island of Lazareto.
Dinner: the area around Es Claustre, where the evening activities will be held) offers a wide range of gastronomic options to suit all tastes.

When do you eat?

There is no set time, nor is there a scheduled break, as classes run from 8am to 6pm. Everyone makes their own schedule, combining classes with breaks and meals.

Will there be vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free options?

Yes, there will be. However, if you have a food intolerance or allergy, please contact the organisers to let them know.

Where can I buy food?

There will be several points both in Es Claustre and on the island of Lazareto. More details to follow including how to reserve.

Mealboxes Picnic

We announce the optional PICNICs with 5 mealboxes each one for Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September on Lazareto Island. For the ultimate culinary experience, enjoy a daily plant-based picnic prepared by Quitapenas – a sustainable restaurant offering seasonal, earthy and flavourful cuisine. Choose from a vegetarian or vegan picnic box created using mostly organic, local produce, and eat at your own schedule, where you want, when you want. If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please indicate them on the form. There will also be a fruit and nut shop available so you can stay energized throughout the festival.


Do I have to buy a ticket for each day or can I buy a single day ticket?

You can buy a ticket for all days or for individual days. However, it is recommended that you attend all 4 days to reap the full experience of the festival.

Do I have to attend all the sessions?

You attend the sessions you choose from the programme, without any obligation to attend them all. Both the Lazareto and Es Claustre in Maó offer the opportunity to take your time and enjoy moments of silence, interact with other yogis, meditate in nature, etc.

Cancellation policy

  • After the 1st September your ticket is non refundable  
  • From the 1st  to the 14th September we offer a 75% refund.
  • Up until the 1st September we offer a full refund.


Does the organisation provide accommodation?

The organisation offers the “Adopt a Yogi” programme, so if you buy tickets for the 4 days of the festival, you can stay in one of the Menorcan homes that open their doors to you during the days of the festival. You can find all the information about the Adopt a Yogi programme here.

And if I am not part of the Adopt a Yogi programme, how can I find accommodation?

Mahón and Menorca have a wide range of accommodation. Use your search engine to check the different options. If you have any questions, please contact the organisation by email at or by telephone on +34 606 96 86 29.

Health service

The organisation has a first aid medical service available throughout the day.

Accreditation and Tickets

Do I need to be accredited to attend The Yoga Gallery Menorca Festival?

Yes, all you have to do is go to the accreditation points in Es Claustre and Lazareto and show your identity card or passport. If you have any doubts, please contact the organisation by email at or by phone on +34 606 96 86 29.

Do I need to show ID if I have booked tickets for one or more Yoga Labs?

Yes, you will need to show your identity card or passport at the accreditation desk. If in doubt, please contact the organisers at or by telephone on +34 606 96 86 86 29.

Can I buy more tickets if I have already bought them?

Yes, you can buy additional tickets at any time until 1 October, subject to availability.


Access to the Yoga Gallery Menorca Festival, and therefore to the Lazareto and Es Claustre venues during the festival, is free for everyone after purchasing a ticket. The venue has eliminated architectural barriers and guarantees accessibility for people with disabilities or special needs.